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A Tale Of Two Brothers

Good Morning Antioch

Episode 4.08 A Tale of Two Brothers

CFO Thurston Solomon Banner the 5th is still on board, but they are closing in on the Home Office. The Crew prepares for their formal inspection at HQ. And Dr. Pazuzu Overlord of Darkness and Eater of Worlds tells Thurston and the crew a popular children's nap-time story from the Hell Dimension. r.

The Calls Are Coming from Inside

Good Morning Antioch

Episode 4.07 The Calls Are Coming From Inside

Its been 14 days since CFO Thurston Solomon Banner the 5th and his envoy boarded the Antioch. Prank calls, incessant demands, and unreasonable requests around the clock!  They thought having a 13-year-old boss was the worst, but his 7-year-old little brother is killer!  Or possibly a killer.